Welcome to the official website of Longleaf Botanical Gardens. As our garden grows, so will our site.

The physical future home of Longleaf Botanical Gardens is the former Lenlock Community Center. Located at the end of Museum Drive, just beyond Anniston Museum of Natural History and Berman Museum of World History, this space offers great potential for an exceptionally fine Botanical Garden, something noteworthy not just for the city, but for the entire region. The existing building and surrounding land will be completely re-made over the course of the next number of months and years by staff, experts and many, many dedicated volunteers. Volunteers are needed, as are donations of time, energy, materials and funds.

But for now, please use these links to get the latest news and information on all aspects of the Gardens:

While the garden will not be open to public use during the early phases of building and planting, these maps show the location of the future Gardens within Lagarde Park.

Present Map

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Jobs range from volunteering for an hour a year to 40 hours a week; YOU CHOOSE! AND, you do NOT have to be a gardener as there are many options for different needs.

Plus that, it's a GUARANTEE that we make volunteering FUN and REWARDING! Come join us in the ambience of our gardens.

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